From Peel to Clean

From Peel to Clean


TriStar uses D-Limonene from orange peels as a circular raw material to make highly effective all-purpose cleaners and floor cleaners. This way, waste becomes spotless!

By using D-Limonene as a raw material for our cleaning products, we not only save the environment, but waste even gains value! Such a statement about sustainability is fully in line with TriStar’s vision.


TriStar O-Range products


The TriStar O-Range Floor Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner that comes from orange peels and is suitable for scrubber driers. With the addition of D-Limonene, the product is extremely powerful and removes stubborn dirt.

The O-Range All-Purpose Cleaner and O-Range Floor Cleaner are two examples from the O-Range product line from TriStar.